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"For several years I have suffered from a sinus problem that I thought I could get under control with an operation. Unfortunately, the hope for success did not materialize and for a number of years I have repeatedly suffered from Sinus problems including the loss of smell and taste that continued for months. A friend introduced me to biomagnetic therapy by telling me about Mark who was able to cure him of a health condition. I didn't hesitate for a minute and underwent this therapy with Mark. The success amazed me! After the first treatment, which lasted about 1 1/2 hours, I could suddenly smell and taste the next morning. The feeling was great to have my sences back! Unfortunately, this condition only lasted for a short time, but I couldn't expect that after such a long period of not smelling and tasting, everything would suddenly be fine again. But I knew that Mark could help me with biomagnetic therapy and cure this problem. Since then I smell and taste more from treatment to treatment and not only that, the sinus problem has improved considerably since then. Mark treated another health problem that I have with great success! The treatment concerns a traumatic pain that stems from my childhood. Already after 3 treatments the pain began to ease considerably, which finally gave me the feeling of being alive again. It was unbelievable as Mark was doing a quantum healing by zoom from Ireland to Austria. In addition to his knowledge of biomagnetic therapy, Mark also has a great empathy that makes him a really good therapist. I would like to warmly recommend Mark and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all his efforts and his kindness. I wish him every success in his work! Thanks Mark for your help!
Walther / Austria"


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